Bookshelf Tour!

IMG_8057Welcome to my bookshelf!

This bookshelf is so old, I’m not sure where its from. Haha! Its survived 4 moves over the years and still going strong. It has 4 shelves (which are all full, like always) and one drawer on the bottom.

IMG_8058To the left of my bookshelf, I have this cute little lamp. It kind of reminds me of a street lamp in a way. Anyways, I’m pretty sure its from pier 1 imports but don’t quote me on that. Its 3 years old and going strong. Haha!

IMG_8059The top two shelves are all hardback books. This top shelves is my dystopian/fantasy books. They go from taller (left) to shorter (right).

IMG_8060The seconds shelf is again, hardback books. This is a mix of dystopian/fantasy books and contemporary books. I tried to sort them out a bit more but I took them all of of the shelf to take a picture and now they are all a mess haha.

IMG_8061The third shelf is the overflow hardbacks (on the left) and my more contemporary paperback books with a mix of a little fantasy. Going through this tour now, I’m surprised by the amount of fantasy and dystopian books I have. Its way more than the amount of contemporary books I have, which is surprising. I love both genres, but lately I’ve been leaning towards contemporary reads more, since it is the summer!

IMG_8062Last but not least, the final shelf. This shelf is my fantasy and dystopian paperbacks.

IMG_8063Also, the drawer on the bottom holds my school books I have to read for class (ignore the Harry Potter book that should be on my shelf, not sure why its there haha! I’ve been getting more into Harry Potter lately which is exciting!) This drawer also holds my library books, which I have none of right now, and my magazines. As you can see, I have my twenty one pilots magazines in there because they are my favorite band. 🙂


What does your shelf look like? Is it organized or messy? Do you have more paperbacks or hardbacks on your shelves? Leave me a comment below telling me what you think of this post and my shelves!


3 thoughts on “Bookshelf Tour!

  1. OH MY GOODNESS all the pretty books! You have so many lovely hardbacks, which is nice — I barely ever buy hardbacks unless it’s for a book I’m DESPERATE to read or it’s super pretty, since alas they’re just way more expensive compared to paperbacks haha.

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